About Star Biz7
  • What is Starbiz7 about?

    Star Biz7 is a weekly business newspaper empowering readers with a more nuanced and comprehensive perspective on business matters.

    The world of business is dynamic, constantly shaped by market trends, technological advancements, policy changes, and global events. Staying ahead of the curve is not just a luxury but a necessity for professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors alike.

    With that in mind, we are pleased to introduce Star Biz7, a weekly publication dedicated to providing comprehensive news and updates in the business and financial world, covering both local and international markets, industries, and emerging sectors.

    Supporting Star Biz7 is an award-winning and highly experienced team that understands the demands and pain points of the fast-paced business environment.

  • What type of content does it have?

    Star Biz7 goes beyond traditional coverage by providing a 360-degree view on news, featuring industry captain columns and stories backed by CEO columnists. From editorial think pieces to interviews with the nation’s top industry experts, Star Biz7 will address and explore the wider impact and significance of events in today’s business and financial world, providing suggestions and solutions for businesses to make informed decisions in their day-to-day operations.

  • Why can’t I find any information anywhere about Star Biz7?

    Star Biz7 is a new product by Star Media Group. To learn more about Star Biz7, you may connect with our Star Biz7 specialist on LinkedIn

  • Does Star Biz7 have its own app?

    Yes, you can download it from Play Store or App Store.

  • Is Star Biz7 published daily or weekly?

    Star Biz7 is published every Saturday. The printed copy will be available in selected stores on Sunday.

  • Do I need to subscribe in order to read the ePaper?

    We are currently offering complimentary 3-month ePaper subscriptions to new connections on LinkedIn. You may connect with us here.

  • Is Star Biz7 the same as The Star newspaper?

    Both The Star and Star Biz7 are newspapers under Star Media Group. The Star is a daily general newspaper, whereas Star Biz7 is a weekly business newspaper.

About Subscriptions
  • What is the Star Biz7 subscription and what do I get with it?

    Star Biz7 is currently available in 2 subscription formats:

    • Star Biz7 ePaper package

      A digital replica of the print paper accessible via https://starbiz7.com.my or Star Biz7 app. All backdated copies are available too.

    • Star Biz7 Print and ePaper

      Both printed and ePaper copies. The printed copy will be delivered to your registered address.

  • Will there be any special price if I subscribe in bulk?

    Please email us at subscriptionsales@thestar.com.my for bulk enquiries.

  • How much is the subscription to Star Biz7?

    Click here for pricing info.

  • Why are there different delivery charges?

    Shipping is free only for selected addresses in Klang Valley. The charges will depend on your location. You will be required to key in your address for the Star Biz7 Print & ePaper package. Based on your address, we will automatically apply for free shipping if you are eligible. Otherwise, please choose either the normal post delivery charge or courier delivery charge.

  • What is the difference between normal post and courier?

    Courier delivery ensures next day delivery for Klang Valley or latest in 2 days for other locations. We will also replace any copies that are undeliverable for any reason as this service uses tracking.
    For normal post, we do not guarantee fast delivery and as there is no tracking, we would not be able to trace the parcel’s movement. We will also not replace copies that do not reach you.

  • How do I subscribe?

    Web: Firstly, sign up for a free MyStar account, or log in before clicking ‘Subscription’. Select your preferred plan and proceed to payment. Once payment is successful, you may start reading the Star Biz7 ePaper immediately.

    App: First, sign up for a free MyStar account or log in. Simply click the latest issue and we will prompt you to subscribe, click continue and you will be redirected to the subscribe page.

    If you subscribe to the Star Biz7 Print and ePaper, you may start reading the Star Biz7 ePaper immediately after payment is completed. The print copy will be delivered to your registered address after 10 working days from the purchase date on Sunday (for residences) or Monday (for commercial buildings). Example: If you subscribe on July 14 (Friday), you will receive the ePaper on July 29 and the print copy on July 30 (homes) or July 31 (offices).

    Please note that addresses outside the Klang Valley may take slightly longer to arrive.

  • I’m subscribing to other The Star Products such as The Star ePaper/Digital Access/newspaper. Do I get a free subscription to Star Biz7?

    No, Star Biz7 is a separate subscription.

  • Can I read backdated ePaper?

    Yes, we have no limit to how many backdated issues you can read.

  • Can I buy more than one subscription of Star Biz7 with the same email?

    You may only subscribe to one subscription per email address.

  • Can I change my delivery address?

    Please notify us in writing with a minimum of 10 working days before you require delivery to the new address. Please note that the cost of delivery may increase depending on the new address’ location and additional costs may incur.

About Complimentary Copy
  • How can I get a complimentary Star Biz7 ePaper access?

    Please connect with us here.

  • When will I receive my complimentary access?

    You will receive your Star Biz7 ePaper in the next few working day after connecting with us here. Look out for our email containing your username and password.

  • Do I need to pay anything during this complimentary subscription period?

    No, you do not need to pay anything during this period. Go to Manage Subscription here to check your remaining subscription duration.

About MyStar Account
  • I can’t sign up/register from Internet Explorer?

    Internet Explorer is not supported at the moment. Our website is best viewed on Chrome browsers.

  • I already have a MyStar account with TheStar.com.my. Do I need to register again?

    No, just remember to use the same login.

  • I forgot my password, what should I do?

    Click ‘Forgot Password?’ at the ‘Log In’ page and follow the steps to reset your password.

    If you signed up through Apple ID, Google or Facebook, your login details are linked to that account and we are unable to assist with the password reset.

  • I registered for a MyStar account but did not receive any verification email. What should I do?

    Please check both your Inbox and Spam folders. Click ‘Resend verification email’ and try again. If you have closed the page or have been logged out, please log in again to click ‘Resend verification email’.

    If you are using a corporate email, kindly inform your tech department to whitelist @starbiz7.com.my.

  • The email verification link/code provided is invalid. What should I do?

    Click ‘Resend verification email’ and try again. If you have closed the page or have been logged out, please log in again to click ‘Resend verification email’.

  • I can’t seem to register. It says the email address was previously registered. What should I do?

    Click here to log in. If you have forgotten your password, click ‘Forgot Password?’ to reset it. If you are certain that you did not sign up with your email address before, kindly contact our Customer Service.

  • Why do I need to verify my email address?

    This is to ensure that the email address provided is valid so we can send you information relating to your subscription. Every new Star Biz7 issue will be updated via email.

  • What is amazoncognito.com and why am I asked to sign in to this site?

    We are leveraging Amazon Cognito's advanced security features that provide adaptive protection to ensure your login credentials are secure. Hence we require your permission to complete the registration.

  • What do I need to know when using Apple ID to register?

    Registration or login via Apple ID is only available on TheStar.com.my or IOS app.

    Note:This is only supported on devices with IOS ver 13,6 and above.

  • Why do I need to login?

    Star Biz7 is a paid subscription available in newspaper printed copy as well as ePaper which is a digital replica version. You will need to subscribe or purchase the newspaper from selected stores in order to read.

  • Can my account be used by one and more people?

    1 MyStar account can log in from 4 browsers simultaneously (each web, app, mobile or social media browser counted as 1).

MyStar Account Deletion
  • What is SSO and what is its relation to my MyStar account?

    SSO means Single-Sign-On, the authorisation mechanism that allows your account to sign in to multiple other applications, which in this case ties to Star Biz7, The Star, Kuali, and Kuntum, with a single MyStar account.

    In other words, the MyStar account you created in The Star can also be used to login to The Star, Kuali and Kuntum, and vice versa.

    Hence, deleting your MyStar account from any of these products will subsequently remove your login access to the others.

  • What does account deletion mean?

    This outcome is irreversible. Hence, please take note of the following:

    • You'll lose all the stored data and content (for e.g., Bookmarks, followed Topics in For You, etc.) identifiable to your email in The Star.
    • You'll not be able to login to applications linked by SSO.
    • If you have active subscriptions for applications linked by SSO, you'll lose access to them once the deletion is completed.
  • I want to change my registered email address instead of deleting the account. What should I do?

    Email address is the unique identifier to your account, hence the change can only be done manually by us. Write in to us at feedback@starbiz7.com.my with your current email address and indicate your intention to change to a new email address.

  • How do I delete my account?

    Write in to us at feedback@starbiz7.com.my with your intention to delete your account.

  • Can I regain access to my account after it has been deleted?

    You may need to register again to regain your account; however, all data previously stored with the deleted account are no longer available.

  • Will I still get charged even after I’ve successfully deleted my account?

    Yes, if your subscriptions are on auto-renewal and you have not done the cancellation on the payment platforms.

    Hence, we advise you to cancel any auto-renewal subscriptions with us before cancelling your subscription to avoid getting charged.

    Please refer to the guide here for Star Biz7, here for The Star Digital Access or here for eKuntum to learn more about canceling your subscription.

  • How long will the entire account deletion process take?

    The whole process will take about 14 days and when complete, we will notify you via email.

  • What will happen to my existing subscription if I delete my account now?

    If you have an active subscription, deleting your account also means that the remaining term will be forfeited.

  • I have newsletter subscriptions with The Star. Will my account deletion affect the newsletter delivery as well?

    By default, no, unless it’s stated otherwise.

    Please refer to the guide here to learn more about managing The Star newsletter subscriptions.

  • Can someone else help me delete my account?

    No, for this is a sensitive and confidential matter related to your personal information.

  • I deleted my account by accident, what should I do?

    Write in to us at feedback@starbiz7.com.my as soon as possible and we will try to prevent this deletion and we cannot guarantee as it depends on when we receive your email.

  • How will I know if my account has been successfully deleted?

    We will inform you via email.

  • Will there be any more data contributed by me that is retained despite the account deletion?

    Sometimes business and legal requirements oblige us to retain certain information, for specific purposes, like security, tax and accounting, product enhancement and service continuation. Some of them sit on external platforms that are outside of our boundary.

    • This includes scenarios like, but not limited to:
    • Your subscription packages and transaction history
    • Your anonymous data contributed to the product’s usage and statistics
    • Your feedback and communication directly with us
    • The content you shared to external platforms via our products
    • Our app reviews by you on the app stores or external platforms
    • The tracking and history on external platforms which you have authorised us to connect for login purposes (for e.g., Facebook and Google Authentication)

Payment and Billing
  • What are the payment options available?

    You may pay with a credit or debit card or mobile carrier billing. FPX and e-wallet payment options are only available for the Yearly Plan if you select the non-auto-renewal option.

  • Can I subscribe without auto-renewal?

    Yes, auto-renewal is optional.

  • Will I be notified on my next bill if my payment is on auto-renewal?

    Yes, if you subscribe through a web/mobile browser, we will send you an email reminder on your next charge.

  • Where can I view details about my subscription?

    Click here click on the profile icon at the top of the page.

  • Can I get a tax invoice for my subscription?

    Yes, you will receive a tax invoice via email after each successful payment. You can also click here to view your Transaction History and past tax invoices.

  • Where can I view my transaction history?

    Click here hover over the profile at the top of the page and click ‘Transaction History’.

  • Can the Tax Invoice display my company's billing address?

    Yes, it can. Click on the profile at the top of the page and go to ‘Manage Billing Info’ to input or change your company’s billing address.

  • How do I change my credit card details?

    Click here. Alternatively, click on the profile icon at the top of the page and go to the ‘Manage Profile’ tab. Then click on ‘Manage payment info’ and you will be redirected to an iPay88 webpage where you will be able to change your credit card number.

    Note: When you input a new credit card, you will be charged a token fee of RM1 to ensure the card is active. The RM1 will be refunded to you later.

  • When is my billing cycle?

    Click here or click on the profile icon at the top of the page and navigate to the ‘Subscription Info’ tab where you will be able to view your billing cycle and subscription information. We will start to charge for your renewal at least 7 days before the last day of your billing cycle. You will be reminded via an email.

  • Why didn’t my payment go through?

    A charge may be rejected for various reasons. For example, there could be an error in communication with your bank, or a shortage of funds in your account. Try changing your credit card or contacting your bank to understand why the charge is being rejected. If it’s a connection issue, you may try again later.

  • What happens if I default on a payment?

    If you fail to make payment your subscription may be terminated. You can subscribe again based on the subscription plan(s) available at the time of resubscription.

Technical Issues
  • I just subscribed. When will my subscription begin?

    Star Biz7 ePaper: Your subscription should begin immediately after payment is successful.

    Star Biz7 newspaper: It will take up to 10 working days to process. Please go to manage subscription to check your commencement date. We will deliver by Monday to areas within Klang Valley. For areas outside Klang Valley, please note that it will take slightly longer.

  • I was notified that I have reached the maximum login limit. What should I do?

    Star Biz7 ePaper subscription can enjoy up to 4 logins on web browsers. If you receive the ‘Login limit reached’ message when trying to log in, you can click one of the two options:

    Continue here – where you will be logged out of your oldest session so that you can continue on the new browser.

    Manage logins – where you can view all the sessions that you’re logged in to so you can choose which to deactivate.

  • I already subscribed. Why are ePaper still being blocked?

    Please try the following solutions:

    Your Star Biz7 ePaper login is tied to your MyStar account. Please ensure you are logged in with the correct MyStar account with an active Star Biz7 subscription and try again.

    Please ensure you subscribe to the Star Biz7 ePaper or Print and ePaper and NOT The Star ePaper which is a different service to read the digital replica of our newspaper or The Star Digital Access which is to read news at TheStar.com.my.

    If you are still unable to read after trying the solutions above, kindly contact Customer Service at customerservice@starbiz7.com.my.

  • Can I change my email address?

    Sorry, you can’t change the email address associated with your MyStar account. Kindly contact Customer Service at customerservice@starbiz7.com.my for further assistance.

  • How can I reset my password?

    Click ‘Forgot Password?’ at the ‘Log In’ page and follow the steps to reset your password.

    If you signed up through Google or Facebook, your login details are linked to that account and we are unable to assist with the password reset.

  • Can I Log into different PCs and smart devices at the same time?

    Yes, you can enjoy up to 4 simultaneous logins on web browsers. If you try to log in to more than four browsers, you will receive a ‘Login limit reached’ message, which gives you the option to ‘Continue here’ (where you will be logged out of your oldest session so that you can continue on the new browser) or ‘Manage logins’.

Cancellation or change of packages
  • Can I cancel my Starbiz7 subscription at any time?

    Yes, you can cancel your Star Biz7 subscription at any time. When you cancel your paid subscription, you will continue to have access for the remainder of the current billing period and will not be charged for your next billing cycle.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Sorry, we do not provide refunds.

  • Can I change my subscription package?

    Sorry, we do not allow changes of package once purchased. Please contact customer support for clarifications. Email us at customerservice@starbiz7.com.my

Rewards and Promotion
  • Do you have any promotions for this plan?

    Not at the moment.